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During the Spring of 2004, Mindrap was able to conduct its first workshop with six high school students from the Young People's Project. The Mindrap team introduced basic music structure, writing fundamentals and storyboarding to the students in an effort to developed an educational rap lesson on odd and even numbers. Combining influences of the hip - hop culture, the students converted a pedagogical lesson into a rap song and hand drew supportive graphics to illustrate the key elements of the lesson. Using multimedia technology, the Mindrap team developed an Odd & Even Flash Video.

In the Summer of 2004, the Young People's Project invited the Mindrap team to run another workshop with three new groups of high school students. This was the first time the Mindrap team directed the conversion of three different pedagogical lessons on prime numbers, Venn Diagrams, and a flagway game into three educational rap lessons.

In the Spring of 2005, the team worked with ten high school students from the Young People's Project and developed a multiplication rap lesson. This was the first time the team incorporated a Flash MX session and taught the students how to combine music and graphics to create a flash video. The flash video is still under development. To listen to the recorded rap lesson click Multiplication Rap Song .

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